Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everyone has a blog. Everyone has a point of view. 
For the most part I think your point of view is irrelevant.

I haven't written on here in almost a year. I was too busy living life.
I need to write more, the thing is i'm writing all the time, but not for myself.
It's my final year of studying. I'm scared i've burnt out. I used to be so good at getting myself excited.
Has my apathy overtaken my intense need to achieve? Lets hope not.
I still have so much to do, so much i need to say.
I miss my friends. 
I want to move far away.
I want to move where people are authentic.
I have a problem with most people
I have too many feelings.
Thank science for the people that know me, really know me. 
There are only about 3 of you.
You keep me sane.

Dear Cape Town, you're stupid.



The End.

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