Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lady Crushes

Okay I've had this idea for a post for a while because I go through various "lady crushes" women whom I admire for various reasons as well as think are purdy. ^________^

I decided I would make a top 5 to reign my various obsessions in.
Some of these may come as a surprise and some, not so much and some well you might just be like
 'Double you tee eff.' (I'm trying to avoid acronyms)


(i'll start at number five, working towards the great reveal of number one)


Uffie is an american born, french based elecro artist/vocalist signed to Ed banger records which is also a label to the likes of Mr Ozio, Feadz (who she dated and I saw live and thought was average) SebastiAn and so on and so forth. She's a skinny pretentious bitch and her voice can often be annoying, some of her songs are gosh darn awful and some of them are super wonderful. The thing I like most about her is that she doesn't give a flying fart (i'm trying to stop swearing) about what people think of her and all her best songs are about how much better she is than anyone else and about how she can't even sing.  She is great! Although I think she could do with eating more. hah!  

I also love to rap along to her songs because I'm a closet rapper. The production on her tracks are amaze-balls and she worked with Pharell which is an instant plus ten in my book. 
(Why? because it's Pharell, DUH)

Here is her video for "difficult".

And here is her in a funny hat:

Florence Welch

I have a lady crush on her because:
1. She is a ridiculously talented singer
2. She is beautiful
3. She has red hair
4. She has soul.
5. She dresses well
6. I love Florence and the Machine
7. She does Beyonce' covers.

She is just a great combination of talent and heart, her music is emotive,haunting,light and dynamic.
Also her music videos are generally, well wonderful.
I know right?

Tracks you MUST listen to:
- Girl with one eye
- Dog days are over
- Heavy Heart
- My Boy Builds Coffins
- Ghosts
-Postcards from Italy (a Beirut cover)
- Howl
(Those are my absolute favorites)


She is awesome, i love her vocals and shes super unusually pretty. ALSO she features on the new SebastiAn album? heck yes!
This is another case of me loving to rap.
Also shes kinda a tom boy so that is win.

She also doesn't take herself too seriously, dressed well and is different. 


Why I love her? Because she's Beyonce, duh.
Shes humble and fierce and uber talented, her new music video is wonderful, look I don't actually listen to her music because i'm not really into RnB but I think she pushes the envelope, there is never any scandal about her, she doesn't have a crap diva attitude and well, I just love her a ridiculous amount. (Rhianna just doesn't have shit on her)
ALSO, she isn't a gimmick. 
She made it alright to have curves and embraced the booty.

This is her new video and it's awesome, feminist propaganda!

(i don't really hate men, haha)

Regina Spektor

Regina is probably my favorite human being in existence. 

 I adore her because:

- She's witty
- Completely original
- Adorable and Quirky
- Her music is phenomenal and changed my life.
- She is funny and tender
- I think she is the most beautiful woman 
- She also has big boobs
- Lyrically she's moving
- I just love everything she has done.
- She makes me want to learn piano.
- Her voice is remarkable,warm and unique.

Her live performances are like magic.

OKAY, so there you have it, my top 5 lady crushes.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dear Zero Followers,

Thank you all so much for your contribution to my life, it makes me feel so worthwhile.
I've just been briefed in at college and after a giant fit of hyperventilating horror i got my shiznit together and got myself excited. (although terror continues to seep in at random intervals.)

BASICALLY for those of you that don't know me, I'm studying copywriting and I've like wanted to be a copywriter since I was like twelve okay, seriously.  (sorry the girl from clueless possessed me there for a second) And also for those of you that DON"T know what a copy writer is:

1) Read More
2) You Suck
3) This is what we are:

                                       -Bruce Bendinger
Basically we're like the devil because our writing tricks you into being a consumerist zombie.
No, not really basically what I like to believe is that we live in the realm of stories and ideas.
Well, I do at least.  But back to the purpose of this post.
MY NEW BRIEF, we have to create a public service announcement for and NGO of our choice which is for all intents and purposes an advertisement for said NGO.

Cool ? Yes. Easy? Hell No.

Wish me luck whoever takes the time to read this, and maybe comment if you know of a cool NGO that you're passionate about, maybe it'll tickle my fancy too.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Generic Introduction

I've had secret blogs since I was 15, which was like 2 months ago. (Joking)
then I have had blogs for various projects (which were awesome and you should check out)
but NOW this is me coming out my blogging closet. 


This is a blog for me to post whatever tickles my fancy. 
And generally because I find myself quite witty, I will hopefully make you chuckle or scoff at my rudeness [because those of you who know me in the real world and not only the interwebs know I'm pretty obnoxious]

I promise my blog won't have artsy triangles or a million self-portraits. Maybe i'll review some things...
But I do solemnly swear to not pretend to know everything about what I'm reviewing (such as music or bands because I can probably not even play a triangle. ) 
If you're lucky maybe i'll share my short stories or poems.
But who knows really
Check this video/song out
I think it's an Ode to Hipsters:
It's by edIT also known as Edward Ma who is also a third of the trio:The Glitch Mob and they are OH-SO-AWESOME-AND-THEN-SOME.


And this is Edward Ma 

And heres the glitch mob:

This is their album entitled: "Drink the Sea"

Download it if you like it, maybe if you do i'll be nice to you. (big maybe)