Saturday, September 15, 2012


Life has been all kinds of crazy.
Just finished the last big campaign i'll ever do for free (hopefully, hah)
It went really well actually, ended up with stuff i want to put into my portfolio.
Go me.

I got to write a bunch of odes and seeming as my poetry is a little rusty it was a really rewarding exercise to get back into it.... and i didn't completely hate them either.

Now it's all about my WHIM dolls as nikki and i are showcasing them next weekend at the Loerie student portfolio day... that's whats up.

Life is so strange... how one thing can fall apart only for everything else to fall together.

Maybe being a hardworking overachieving bitch that holds herself to the highest standard possible has finally paid off.

Either way it's really great feeling like i'm enough.

So fuck the rest of the feelings I'm just going with what's good.

Because I deserve it.

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