Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Swede

People can be really disgusting.
Selfish and self-obsessed and small-minded.
Content to stay ignorant and average.

I am so glad I don't have to come into contact with people like that too often
Sometimes my own disappointment feels like it's rearing up to choke me.
Skin crawling, suffocating in mediocrity.

But then I have chance encounters with brilliant minds and all my faith in humanity is restored.

Like on my birthday I bumped into a man from Sweden.
Well, actually I kind danced into him.
I was drunk and can't remember his name
But we had a bit of a dance and he asked me what I do so I said I was a writer.

Not wanting to go into the usual conversations of either 

a) What is a copywriter?
b) How can I want to go into advertising, don't I know I'm a corporate sellout?

(the second option usually coming from aspiring "novelists,  I'm just like call me when you publish a best-seller, fucktard.)

-back to my story-

He then proceeded to quote Proust and Hemingway and I just about nearly died.
(this can sound pretty douchey but it wasn't it was honest and sincere)

We then debated constructivist theories, our favorite novels, musicians and danced to Lykke Li AND he had the same glasses as me.

I mean really?

He had to leave suddenly to help his very drunk friend and a tiny part of my heart and hope went with him.

This sounds like the beginning plot of an awful indie film, sorry.

but the moral of this blogpost i guess, is don't give up hope on humans just yet, there are those couple that make it worthwhile and every negative and positive encounter teaches you something about yourself.

This taught me that there are good looking sweet, uber intelligent men out there with great swedish accents, impressive beards that are willing to overcome their own shyness to go out on a limb and talk to a stranger covered in glitter.

So thank you handsome and smart swedish man whose name I cannot recall for restoring my faith and showing me that letting my guard down is something I should do more often.

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