Saturday, July 16, 2011

Generic Introduction

I've had secret blogs since I was 15, which was like 2 months ago. (Joking)
then I have had blogs for various projects (which were awesome and you should check out)
but NOW this is me coming out my blogging closet. 


This is a blog for me to post whatever tickles my fancy. 
And generally because I find myself quite witty, I will hopefully make you chuckle or scoff at my rudeness [because those of you who know me in the real world and not only the interwebs know I'm pretty obnoxious]

I promise my blog won't have artsy triangles or a million self-portraits. Maybe i'll review some things...
But I do solemnly swear to not pretend to know everything about what I'm reviewing (such as music or bands because I can probably not even play a triangle. ) 
If you're lucky maybe i'll share my short stories or poems.
But who knows really
Check this video/song out
I think it's an Ode to Hipsters:
It's by edIT also known as Edward Ma who is also a third of the trio:The Glitch Mob and they are OH-SO-AWESOME-AND-THEN-SOME.


And this is Edward Ma 

And heres the glitch mob:

This is their album entitled: "Drink the Sea"

Download it if you like it, maybe if you do i'll be nice to you. (big maybe)


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