Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dear Zero Followers,

Thank you all so much for your contribution to my life, it makes me feel so worthwhile.
I've just been briefed in at college and after a giant fit of hyperventilating horror i got my shiznit together and got myself excited. (although terror continues to seep in at random intervals.)

BASICALLY for those of you that don't know me, I'm studying copywriting and I've like wanted to be a copywriter since I was like twelve okay, seriously.  (sorry the girl from clueless possessed me there for a second) And also for those of you that DON"T know what a copy writer is:

1) Read More
2) You Suck
3) This is what we are:

                                       -Bruce Bendinger
Basically we're like the devil because our writing tricks you into being a consumerist zombie.
No, not really basically what I like to believe is that we live in the realm of stories and ideas.
Well, I do at least.  But back to the purpose of this post.
MY NEW BRIEF, we have to create a public service announcement for and NGO of our choice which is for all intents and purposes an advertisement for said NGO.

Cool ? Yes. Easy? Hell No.

Wish me luck whoever takes the time to read this, and maybe comment if you know of a cool NGO that you're passionate about, maybe it'll tickle my fancy too.

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