Saturday, August 11, 2012


So suddenly in the space of like a week my blog hits have like tripled/quadrupled
considering how many I had before, it isn't as impressive as it sounds.
Most of these hits are probably from awkward links that my blog is somehow
connected to in the ever evolving web of the internets.
Perhaps i should stop posting so many photos of cute japanese girls. haha.


Here is a frightening fact...
I have two and a half more months of college left, ever.
Exciting, and we just got briefed in for brand challenge and I am happy to announce I have a really awesome team, everyone seems to be hardworking, down-to-eath, non-smokers.
(non-smokers means no constant 20 minutes and over smoke breaks every 2 hours)

So I've been proven wrong and it feels pretty great.
Our client is Nedbank, which is interesting seeming as i've been moaning about how they need help with their branding for AGES. Time to put my money where my mouth is huh? (badbankjokes)

So, stressful and exciting things lay ahead.
I still have so many carvings to do for my unutterable's so i'm just going hermit it out.
Remind myself daily of how awesome I am and just keep swimming.

It's like I'm not drowning but waving for the first time in a while.

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